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Understand Your Electricity Bill

Finally. An electricity bill that makes sense. No more vague bar graphs, no more hidden costs. Direct Your Energy gives you personalized usage insights and electricity cost breakdowns that can help you save. Sign up and enjoy the bill of the future.

  1. Select your preferred Direct Energy electricity plan and sign up.

  2. Login to your Online Account Manager.


  4. In 4-6 weeks, your usage data and history will be available so you can understand your costs and see where you can save.

Transparent. Personalized. Informative.

Everyone wants to save on energy costs. It's time you had the tool that can help you do it. Direct Your Energy goes behind your bill to show you what you need to know about your usage and make adjustments.

Usage Insights Your Won't Find Anywhere Else

From a monthly calendar that shares your energy usage and costs by day, to custom graphs that show your habits based on weather, Direct Your Energy is all about you and can only be found here.

Helping You Stay on Track and Manage Your Costs

You'll receive weekly usage update emails that let you know how much energy you used compared to the previous week, so you can cut back if needed. Plus, if your usage skyrockets, we'll send you an alert. Because no one likes surprises in their bill.

Data is Powerful. Insights are Superior.

When you become a Direct Energy customer, you can view your energy usage and save using the suite of tools within Direct Your Energy.

Itemized Usage

How much power does your HVAC use? Your washer and dryer? Dishwasher? And most importantly, what did that cost you? The curtain is lifted, and electricity costs are itemized by available appliances.

Historical Usage

A personal heat map calendar shows exactly what days you used more or less electricity, and how much it cost.

Usage Graphs

See what you were billed day by day, and how your usage increased or decreased based on high and low temperatures.

Usage Alerts

Your account will receive an alert if your usage skyrockets so that you can cut back and save.

Home Comparison

How did your home stack up against homes like yours? You can compare your usage to other homes to see if you need to make any adjustments.

Bill Forecasts

Based on the weather and your historical behavior, we'll help your budget by estimating the cost of your next bill.

Usage Summary Email

You'll receive a weekly email showing if your energy usage went up or down over the past week and your total usage month to date, so that there are no surprises when you receive your bill.

Online Account Management

Direct Your Energy is completely customized for your home, by you. Your online account manager gives you complete access to the tool for free, and you can also login to pay your bill, renew your service, and more.

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