Water Heater Contract

If you have already signed a contract, you may consider taking the following corrective action:

Within 10 Days of Receiving Contract

The Consumer Protection Act allows consumers to cancel a contract within 10 days upon receipt of the written copy of the agreement.

After 10 Days of Receiving Contract

If you feel you have been misled, you may want to visit the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. There is clear direction on the complaint process on the Ministry's website under 'Your Rights When You Buy at the Door'. The link for the Ministry's website is Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services or you can call 1-800-889-9768.

If you wish, we can help facilitate the Ministry's process by taking forward complaints on your behalf. You can complete this complaint form or contact us at 1-866-502-0034 with your concerns. Once we have the results from the Ministry's investigation, we will communicate back to you. Please ensure you have outlined all customer contact information as requested within the complaint form.

The Direct Energy team is committed to providing you with the on-going reliable, consistent and professional water heater service you've come to expect from one of the largest home service providers in Ontario. Again, if you have any questions regarding your water heater, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-866-502-0034.

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