Inspection of Natural Draft Boilers – Effective October 2009

Effective October 15, 2009, through May 1, 2010 the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) has mandated inspection of natural draft boilers with an input up to 300,000 BTU/h, pursuant to the updated TSSA Boiler Director's Order FS-072-06 R5

This TSSA mandatory inspection of your boiler is required any time a Gas Technician enters your home to perform service or maintenance work on any appliance and identifies a boiler of this type. As in previous years a CO test in the flue of your boiler is required to ensure safe operation. The test requires a maximum CO reading of 100 parts per million or less to meet this TSSA order.

Should your boiler not meet this requirement immediate corrective action must be taken.

Further, this new regulation mandates all residences with natural draft heating boilers of this type, must be equipped with Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms installed adjacent to or within each sleeping area in the home. Our technicians now have CO Alarms available for purchase and installation at the time of this service call. Prices are shown on the table on the reverse.

Another component of the Director's Order is the possible requirement of a "Depressurization" test. Our technician will advise if this test is applicable and what other work may be required. Any extra charges are also outlined on the reverse.

PLEASE KNOW, should you choose not to have our technician install a CO alarm(s), if they are not currently present in your home, or complete all of the tests required, we are obligated to issue a 45-day Warning Tag to have all aspects of this Director's Order met. This tag is then sent to the local gas utility for follow up, and non-compliance may result in the termination of your gas supply.

Such a tag can only be cleared by a certified gas technician. Should you call Direct Energy back to clear the tag you will be charged for that additional service.

We are also supplying a copy of the TSSA homeowner letter and the TSSA Director's Public Safety Order FS 072-06-R5 for your information and review.

If you have questions regarding this Director's Order or any other enquiries related to this requirement, you may contact the TSSA directly at 1-877-682-TSSA (8772) or 1-416-734-3300 in the Toronto area, or go to their website at www.tssa.org.




CO Alarm:
  • Battery Type or
  • Plug In with Battery Back Up

(Your Choice)

$40 + GST each installed $40 + GST each installed.
CO Test & Depressurization Test (if required) No Charge $75 + GST
Maintenance No Charge $169.99 + GST
(Standard Pricing)
Boiler Repairs No Charge (subject to Terms & Conditions) HIP - No Charge
(subject to Terms & Conditions)
Chargeable - Time + Material
By-Pass Water Supply Time + Material Time + Material
Follow up call to clear warning tag $49.95 + GST HIP - $49.95 +GST
(if customer chooses not to have required work completed at time of initial call, assumes all necessary requirements are met at time of follow up call)   Chargeable - $99.95 + GST
*Prices do not include other extra charges that may apply with replacement equipment.