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    • How do I change the name on my Direct Energy account?

      In most areas, you will need to contact your local utility company to change the name and contact information for your account. This is because Direct Energy does not send your bill to you each...

    • How can I receive assistance paying my Direct Energy bill?

      If you need to set up a Payment Arrangement for a bill, you should contact your local Washington, D.C. utility company to make a plan to pay your balance.

      Electricity Utility

      • Pepco - 1-202-872-2000

    • Will my bill look different if I choose Direct Energy?

      In most areas, when you select Direct Energy as your supplier in Washington, D.C., you will continue to receive one bill from your utility company each month. You can see the breakdown between Direct Energy's charge for electric generation or gas supply and your utility charges for distribution service, any other services it provides, and taxes. If you are not signed up with a licensed electric or natural gas supplier, your utility bill will not separate the supply and transmission charges.

      Please be advised that not all utility companies use the same terminology. For example depending upon where you live, "supply" = "generation" and "delivery" = "distribution." For clarification on the terminology you see upon your monthly utility bill, please contact your local utility company.

      Electricity Utility

      • Pepco - 1-202-872-2000

    • What do I do if I notice an error on my bill?

      If you have any questions about your electricity charges on the bill you receive from your local utility in Natural Gas, please contact our Customer Care Team at 1-855-461-1926. If you have questions about your total bill, please contact your local utility company.

      Electricity Utility

      • Pepco - 1-202-872-2000

    • Where do I send my payment after I switch to Direct Energy?

      You will continue to send payment for your monthly utility bill to your local utility company in Washington, D.C.

      Electricity Utility

      • Pepco - 1-202-872-2000

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