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Whole Home Protection

Our whole home solutions allow you the flexibility and peace of mind to protect what matters most in your home.

Home Warranty and Home Protection Plans with Direct Energy

Home Protection Plans

Direct Energy's Protection Plans provide a la carte options so you can tailor coverage to your needs. You can choose from plans to cover your heating and cooling, electrical or plumbing systems, or your exterior water and sewer lines. We even have plans to cover your kitchen and laundry appliances or protect your electronics from power surges.

Heating and Cooling Protection Plans from Direct Energy

Heating & Cooling

Your heating and cooling systems keep you comfortable year-round, so when they break down, you have to act fast. Whether it's a basic plan for annual maintenance or coverage for repair costs, we have a variety of heating and cooling protection plans to meet the needs of many homes and budgets.

Choose from plans that cover your heating or cooling systems individually and plans that bundle both for complete coverage of your HVAC system. You can enjoy the security of a plan that covers regular maintenance and repair costs – and even offsets the expense if a full system replacement is needed.

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Plumbing Protection Plans from Direct Energy


Whether you want help with routine maintenance or a shield against unexpected home plumbing repair costs, we have plumbing protection plans to fit your needs. We offer multiple levels of coverage, including options for your water heater.

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Electrical and Surge Protection Plans from Direct Energy

Electrical Systems

Our homes rely heavily on electricity, so when something happens with your electrical systems, you want order restored as soon as possible. Whether you need coverage for routine maintenance or protection against unexpected repair costs, we have plans to fit your life - including a comprehensive plan that covers both maintenance and repair of your home's electrical system.

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Surge Protection

Do you dread the sound of thunder or flash of lightning? We can free you from worry about thunderstorms or power outages damaging your appliances and electronics. A Surge Essentials plan from Direct Energy® delivers coverage for your kitchen appliances, home electronics and even mobile devices.

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Water and Sewer Protection Plans from Direct Energy

Water & Sewer

Don't trust the lines for your water, sewer, and septic systems to chance. Repair Essentials Plans from Direct Energy® offer a variety of external water and sewer line protection coverage levels to help you find what's right for you.

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Kitchen and Laundry Protection Plans from Direct Energy

Kitchen & Laundry

Protect your budget and the appliances you rely on every day. Our Kitchen and Laundry Room Repair Essentials PLUS plans safeguard your oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and more!

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What Type of Home Protection Plan is Right for Me?

Repair Plans

Unlike home insurance, which covers damage from weather or fire, DEPP's repair plans help protect you from the cost of unexpected repairs due to age and normal wear and tear. With just a phone call, a qualified technician will be dispatched to your home to resolve the issue. We can help cover repairs for your electrical system, heating system, water lines and more!

Who are these plans good for?

Our repair plans cover breakdowns that can be dangerous and require specialized skills. Repair plans are good for those who feel comfortable performing regular upkeep of their appliances and systems but would rather forego a DIY repair job – and unexpected repair costs – when it comes to breakdowns. Did your furnace go out in the middle of winter? Save yourself money and trouble and rely on your heating repair plan.

Maintenance Plans

DEPP's maintenance plans help you prevent breakdowns by keeping your home systems in shape. We offer regular inspections and checkups on your heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical systems so you can prevent a breakdown before it happens. We'll schedule and track maintenance for you, and when it's time for a checkup, a trained technician will perform the inspection.

Who are these plans good for?

Maintenance plans work well for those who know the importance of regular maintenance but would prefer not to keep up with it themselves. While you're running your kids to soccer practice or preparing for your staycation, let DEPP worry about your annual air conditioner tuneup.

Repair + Maintenance Plans

Get the best of both worlds with our Repair + Maintenance plans, which cover all the cost and effort of maintaining your appliances and systems. We'll perform regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns, but if disaster does strike, we'll be there for you. Get complete coverage for your home's major systems and choose from plans for your electrical system, heating and cooling equipment, plumbing and more!

Who are these plans good for?

Repair + Maintenance plans are best suited for those who want to leave both planned maintenance and unexpected repairs to the experts. If you're not comfortable with DIY and want to save on expert maintenance and repair costs, let us do the work – whether it's a plumbing safety inspection or repairing a burst pipe.

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Exclusive Vivint Savings

Create a simple, affordable smart home with our partner Vivint, an industry leader in home automation and security solutions. And now, eligible Direct Energy customers can take advantage of exclusive savings on a new Vivint system.

Control Vivint products like lights, locks and more, and even connect your favorite Google, Amazon and Nest devices to the Vivint app or hub. Click below to learn more about protecting your whole home and your peace of mind.

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Appliance Rentals from AWHR

Appliance Rentals

Appliance rental from AWHR allows you to take the concerns that come with ownership out of the equation. Appliance rental removes the responsibility of maintenance and repairs and relieves the burden of transporting and installing the appliance, and there's no big expense or down payment required. AWHR offers water heaters, stoves, washers, dryers and more for rent at affordable rates, and all repairs and replacements are covered at no additional cost.

Who is appliance rental good for?

Appliance rental works great for a number of situations:

  • You are budget-conscious and are not ready to purchase an appliance.

  • You are renting and prefer the convenience of a washer and dryer in your home but don't want to purchase them or worry about what to do with them when you move out.

  • You move frequently and don't want to worry about transporting or selling your appliances each time you move.

  • You don't want to worry about the cost and responsibility of maintenance and repairs.

Is Appliance Rental Right For You?

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