New Hampshire historical variable pricing

New Hampshire historical variable pricing

NH small commercial rates

Download or print historical small commercial rates here.

NH Eversource residential electricity


Month  Rate
June 2022 $0.1744/kWh
July 2022 $0.1744/kWh
August 2022 $0.1744/kWh
September 2022 $0.1744/kWh
October 2022 $0.2093/kWh
November 2022 $0.2093/kWh
December 2022 $0.2093/kWh
January 2023 $0.2093/kWh
February 2023 $0.2093/kWh
March 2023 $0.2093/kWh
April 2023 $0.1744/kWh
May 2023 $0.1744/kWh
June 2023 $0.1744/kWh
July 2023 $0.1744/kWh
August 2023 $0.1744/kWh
September 2023 $0.1889/kWh
October 2023 $0.1744/kWh
November 2023 $0.1889/kWh
December 2023 $0.1889/kWh
January 2024 $0.1889/kWh
February 2024 $0.1889/kWh
March 2024 $0.1889/kWh
April 2024 $0.1889/kWh
May 2024 $0.1839/kWh
June 2024 $0.1839/kWh

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