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Welcome to your go-to spot for everything energy-related! We've got simple explanations, useful tips, and expert advice to help you easily navigate your energy choices. You'll learn common energy terms, how to shop for electricity, read your electric meter, and so much more.

What is energy choice?

Understanding energy choice, or what others call "deregulated energy", can be difficult or overwhelming. That's why we have pulled together articles to help you understand what it is, how it impacts you, and how you can learn to find the right plan for your family.

Deregulated energy: What does it mean and how does it work?

Discover the power of choice in a deregulated energy market with Direct Energy. Understand, select, and benefit from your energy plan.
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The history of Texas energy deregulation

Utilize the power of choice with electricity deregulation in Texas. Learn about the history, benefits, and more.
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How to shop for electricity in Texas

Explore your options for electricity in Texas, from choosing providers to understanding plans, rates, and renewable energy possibilities.
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What's the difference between a utility company and a retail energy provider?

Learn how utility companies and retail energy providers differ and what role they play in your energy experience.
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What happens to my bill when I switch energy providers?

Switching competitive energy suppliers is simple, cost-effective and won't disrupt your service. Ready to make the switch?
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Why should I switch from my utility?

Discover the power of choice! Switch energy suppliers in North America for better pricing, service, and exciting extras.
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Prepaid vs. traditional electricity plans

Explore the pros and cons of prepaid and contract electricity plans to find the best fit for your lifestyle in Texas.
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Major players in the Pennsylvania natural gas market

Unravel Pennsylvania's natural gas system, understand pricing, and discover how to make your home more energy efficient.
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The players in Ohio energy market

Navigate Ohio's complex electricity service with our guide, exploring deregulation, utilities, and how to save on your bills.
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The history of deregulation in Ohio

Discover Ohio's journey from energy monopoly to a deregulated market, empowering consumers with choice and competitive electricity rates.
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How do I shop for natural gas?

Unlock savings on your heating bill by smartly navigating natural gas deregulation. Discover how to choose the right supplier for you.
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How do I shop for electricity?

Discover how to find the best electricity supplier for your home, budget, and lifestyle.
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How to read an electricity facts label

Unlock the secrets of your electricity plan with our easy guide to understanding your Electricity Facts Label (EFL).
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How Texas benefits from deregulation

Learn how Texas' deregulated electricity market sparks innovation, boosts green energy, and empowers consumer choice. Explore the benefits!
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How does prepaid electricity work?

Experience control and flexibility with prepaid electricity plans. Pay-as-you-go, no surprises, and easy account management. Your power, your choice.
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History of the U.S. natural gas industry

Discover the fascinating evolution of natural gas, its integral role in our lives, and its promising future in energy sustainability.
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Energy glossary: Terms you should know

Navigate the energy market with confidence! Understand key terms, explore supplier options, and make informed choices for your home's energy needs.
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What is the difference between a utility and an electricity provider?

Discover the difference between utility companies and energy providers in deregulated markets and how choice empowers consumers.
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