Green living

Direct Energy offers renewable energy options and helpful tips that make choosing a greener lifestyle easier than ever. 

What is green energy?

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword to us at Direct Energy. Discover our green living tips, and learn how renewable energy sources like solar and wind can reduce your carbon footprint and energy usage.

6 sustainable ways to generate green energy

Discover practical and eco-friendly solutions to generate green energy at home. Explore six innovative methods on Direct Energy's blog to reduce your carbon footprint and create a more sustainable living environment for a greener future.
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What is green/renewable energy?

Discover the benefits of green energy: clean, varied, renewable, and affordable. Empower your future with Direct Energy's renewable solutions.
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What are solar incentives and how do they work?

Explore how solar incentives make renewable energy affordable and profitable for Americans.
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Energy saving ideas in the workplace

Discover how to transform your workplace into an eco-friendly haven with simple, effective energy-saving tips for employees and managers.
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Differences between wind energy and solar energy

Learn more about wind and solar energy, plus facts about other renewable sources of power.
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Green living tips you can apply at home

Embrace a green lifestyle with eco-friendly home tips, energy-saving habits, and sustainable practices for a healthier future.
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Differences between wind power and solar energy

We examine the differences between wind power and solar energy while discussing their impact on the future of the energy industry.
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Backup power solutions

Let Goal Zero keep you powered on at home or on the go. Find reliable, high-quality portable and backup power solutions for any scenario today.


  • Exclusive savings – Direct Energy customers save 15% on Goal Zero portable power products.
  • Easy integration – Increase your energy resiliency with portable generators that are powerful enough to run your fridge, yet quiet and safe for indoor use.
  • Keep your life running – Power outages can be inconvenient or life-threatening if you rely on essential medical devices. Get Goal Zero power solutions to lower your outage risk and protect your peace of mind.

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