Seasonal weather tips

We've put together a series of weather tips for every season, ensuring you're ready for anything coming your way. From beating the heat in the summer to winterizing your home, our seasonal weather tips will help you conserve energy and stay comfortable all year.

What are seasonal weather tips?

Many of us are aware of seasonal increases in our energy bills, but we may not know ways we could combat those increases and reduce our energy use. This area covers tips to save energy throughout the seasons.

Best temperature for my thermostat in winter

Learn how to adjust your thermostat for comfort and efficiency when you're at home and away this winter.
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Why is my natural gas bill so high in the winter?

Learn why your natural gas usage increases in the winter and what you can do to reduce your bill.
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Furnace service: Heating maintenance tips

Ensure your furnace's efficiency and longevity with our simple guide to routine maintenance, repair, and professional service selection.
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How to winterize your home: tips & checklist

Prepare for winter with our comprehensive guide to home winterization, ensuring safety, energy efficiency and cost savings.
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Why is my electricity bill so high in the summer?

Learn about the factors that increase your electricity usage during the summer and what you can do to conserve and save.
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Best winter thermostat settings

Discover energy-efficient winter heating strategies to keep your home cozy without facing hefty bills. Start saving energy today!
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What temperature should I set my thermostat in the summer?

Stay cool and save money this summer with our energy-efficient tips and recommended thermostat settings. Discover more in our guide.
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How to insulate a basement

Discover how to insulate your basement effectively, increase efficiency and enhance comfort by tackling moisture and cold drafts.
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How to save on your electric bill this winter

Find out why your electricity bill can be higher in the winter and what you can do to lower your energy costs.
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How to keep your home warm in the winter

Discover how to stay warm, save energy, and reduce bills with alternative heat sources and home preparations this winter.
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Calculate holiday energy cost

Power your holidays efficiently! Discover tips for smart decoration, mindful cooking and more with Direct Energy.
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Winter home energy efficiency tips

Discover 21 savvy tips to stay cozy, cut energy costs, and enhance your home's efficiency during chilly seasons. Let's save together!
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Fall and winter energy saving

Fall into energy savings with our list of fall energy efficiency tips: sealing leaks, wrapping your water heater, upgrading insulation to reduce your home energy use!
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Energy efficiency tips for summer savings

Stay cool, save energy! Discover smart thermostat settings, efficient AC use and home energy improvements for a comfortable, cost-effective summer.
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Spring energy-saving tips

Spring into savings! Boost your home's energy efficiency this spring with practical tips for year-round benefits. Let's save together!
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How do I take care of my air conditioner in summer?

Boost your air conditioner's efficiency and lifespan with our expert maintenance tips, reducing your energy costs and keeping your home comfortable.
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