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Shopping for energy plans can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Direct Energy is a retail electricity and natural gas supplier you can trust to keep it simple and stress-free. Let us guide you toward the smartest energy choices for your needs.  

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Your guide to energy plans in Philadelphia

When it comes to your home’s energy, you’re in the driver’s seat. And we’ve got the map! We’ll point you toward an electricity or natural gas plan that fits your needs just right. That way you can be confident you’re getting the most from your service. Enter your ZIP code above to see available offers in your area.

Other offers in your area

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Young couple looking at iPad
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Exclusive Vivint savings 


Protect your whole home and your peace of mind with smart home security and automation solutions from Vivint. Eligible Direct Energy customers can enjoy exclusive savings on a new Vivint system. 

Learn about Vivint
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Man fixing HVAC
Man fixing HVAC

Home protection plans 


Sooner or later, we all deal with common household repairs. From plumbing to appliances, we make it easy to prepare for the unexpected with home protection plans from NRG Protects. 

Shop protection plans
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Give $50. Get $50. Repeat. 

For every friend you refer who becomes a Direct Energy customer, you’ll both get a Direct Energy $50 Visa® Prepaid Card. There’s no limit to how many times you can refer and earn! 

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Young couple planning on laptop
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Better control over your usage 


Our simple online tools will help you monitor how much energy you use. With better insight into your usage, you can make smarter choices about managing it efficiently.

Direct your energy

Why Direct Energy?

With Direct Energy, you’ll get a straightforward approach to energy and home services. Through every step of your journey, we’re here with energy choices that put you in control.

Something for everyone

Choose from a variety of energy plans to find one that fits your needs. Not sure what you’re looking for? We’ll point you in the right direction.

Simple and direct

Count on us for straightforward energy plans and transparent pricing to make your energy experience a simple one.

A helping hand

We’re here for you during enrollment and throughout every step of your energy journey. Chat with us online or by phone to get the support you need.

Energy and beyond

Energy is just the beginning. Discover protection plans that cover common home repairs. Plus, get deals on home security and automation.

The big deal about energy choice

In Philadelphia, you get to choose which company supplies your electricity and natural gas. And that has its perks! Let’s explore more on energy choice.

Energy deregulation explained

In the old days, Philadelphia customers had little or no say in who powered their homes. People relied on a single utility company for electricity or natural gas. Then, energy deregulation, or energy choice, changed the game.

It puts the power in your hands by giving you the ability to choose your electricity and natural gas providers. Now, you aren’t stuck with limited options. You have the freedom to shop for the plans and rates that best fit your needs.

Energy choice has powerful benefits

Thanks to energy choice, retail energy companies (like us) compete for your business. A little healthy competition means you get to enjoy some great benefits! 

  • More plan options
  • Opportunity to shop for competitive rates
  • Extra products and services
  • A personalized energy experience

Here’s how energy choice works in Philadelphia

1. Producers

They generate electricity and natural gas and sell it to suppliers.

2. Suppliers

Suppliers like Direct Energy purchase energy to meet your needs and give you options your utility doesn't.

3. You

You get to choose your energy supplier and a plan that makes the most sense for you. 

4. Delivery

Your local utility company continues to deliver energy to your home and handle your bill. Direct Energy will be listed on your bill as your supplier.

Meet your Philadelphia utility company

After switching to Direct Energy, your local utility company still manages the flow of energy to your home and handles billing. They’re the ones to call in case of an outage. Here is the major player in Philadelphia:




What kind of energy plan is right for you? 

In Philadelphia, energy choice means you have more plan options to choose from. We have a little something for everyone, so it’s easy to find what you need. Here are a few plan types you might encounter:

Fixed-rate plans


With a fixed-rate plan, you’ll pay the same rate every month for the duration of your contract, even if prices increase. That means more predictable monthly bills, no surprise rate changes, and long-term price stability.

Renewable energy plans


Doing good for the planet can be as simple as choosing a renewable energy plan, where electricity is generated from renewable sources like wind and solar. If renewable energy plans are available in your area, you can use them to support renewable energy innovation, contributing to a cleaner and greener future for all.

Variable-rate plans


Craving more flexibility? With a variable-rate plan, the price you pay for electricity can go up or down from month to month. 

Plans with extras


Sometimes, you may come across an energy plan offering a little something extra. Be on the lookout for plans with special perks like an Amazon Prime membership — on us!

Proud to empower Philly

There’s really no place else like the City of Brotherly Love. Steeped in American history, from its pivotal role in the founding of our nation to its diverse cultural heritage, the Philly we know and love today just keeps getting better. You’d be hard pressed to find a city filled with more spirited people—or delicious cheesesteak!

History and facts

  • Philadelphia is often referred to as the "Birthplace of America" because it served as the meeting place for the Founding Fathers during the Revolutionary War. Both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed in  Independence Hall. 
  • The Historic District is one of the largest and best-preserved urban historic areas in the United States, featuring cobblestone streets, colonial-era buildings, and important landmarks such as Independence Hall, Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross House. 
  • Philadelphia is known for its passionate fans of the Philadelphia Eagles (NFL), Philadelphia Phillies (MLB), Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), and Philadelphia Flyers (NHL). Attending a game in Philly is an experience like no other!

Business view

  • Philadelphia is a major healthcare and life sciences hub, filled with renowned hospitals, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies. The city's "Eds and Meds" sector, which includes educational and medical institutions, contributes significantly to the local economy and innovation ecosystem. 
  • The city has a rich financial history and is home to several major financial institutions, including the first and oldest stock exchange in the United States, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.  
  • Philly has a storied history as a manufacturing powerhouse, particularly in industries such as textiles, garments and machinery. 
  • Philadelphia is committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to promote renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions. The city has invested in solar energy projects, energy-efficient buildings and green infrastructure to create a more sustainable future.

Frequently asked questions

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It depends on your utility's timeframe to process requests to switch, but it usually takes up to 1-2 billing cycles.

We don’t charge enrollment fees. However, some utilities and suppliers may charge a switching fee when you sign up with a new supplier. Check with them for more information. 

Give us a call, email us or chat with us online through our website. We’re always happy to help. Check out our Contact Us page for detailed contact information. 

Direct Energy and your utility work together to provide services for your specific area. Direct Energy is a competitive electricity supplier. You can shop for your own energy plans with suppliers like us to find the right rate and plan for you.

Your local utility is responsible for delivering electricity to your home and reading your electricity meter. They are also responsible for sending your electricity bills. In some areas, your utility may also compete in the market, selling its own rates and plans to customers.  

In the event of a power outage, contact your local utility company. Their contact information is typically found on your electricity bill.

Yes! In select markets, customers can choose renewable energy plans that empower them to support environmentally friendly energy sources like wind or solar.

Opting for a renewable energy plan helps reduce carbon emissions and supports the development of sustainable energy sources, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

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