I signed up for a plan, but I came to an Order Pending page. What does that mean?

"Order Pending" means we could not verify your identity using the information that was provided. To protect your identity and confirm we are signing up the right person and home with Direct Energy, we need to collect some additional documents from you.

In order to complete your order with Direct Energy, we require two valid forms of government issued identification: one containing your name and date of birth (such as a driver's license or state issued ID) and one that verifies your Social Security number (such as your Social Security card, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) card, or ITIN letter).

If you don't have access to these documents, here is a list of all accepted forms of documentation:

We will also accept government-issued documents with a photo from your country of origin.

  1. You can send your documents to us via email at Texascredit@directenergy.com; or
  2. You can fax your documents to us at 1-866-745-6571.

If you have any questions about these documents or submitting them to us, please call us at 1-888-305-3828 or e-mail us at ga-deonlinehelptx@directenergy.com.

Want to contact a customer care representative?

Please visit Contact Us and select your state of residence to view the contact information for your area.

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