I was told my new Direct Energy order was cancelled because of a switch hold. What does that mean?

A Switch Hold was placed on the premise by either the TDSP or the previous occupant's REP for an outstanding balance. This is to ensure that the previous occupant fulfills the agreed obligation before switching to another REP. If you are moving into this premise with a Switch Hold, then the previous occupant did not fulfill the obligation.

To remove the Switch Hold, you will need to provide proof of new occupancy by sending us 2 forms: a completed and signed New Occupant Statements along with 1 supporting document. This supporting document can be 1 of the following:

Both the NOS form and one of the above supporting documents can be e-mailed to Enrollment.Exceptions@DirectEnergy.com or faxed to 1-866-814-3021. We highly recommend e-mail for faster processing.

Once forms are received, documentation will be reviewed to ensure there is no association between potential customer and previous customer. If no association was found, we will then be able to move forward with your enrollment.

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