What is a Switch Hold?

A Switch Hold can be placed on a premise by either a Retail Energy Provider (REP) (with customer's consent) for an outstanding bill or by the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP, or utility company) due to meter tampering. The purpose of a Switch Hold is to ensure that the occupant responsible for paying the bills at that location takes care of any and all outstanding charges before switching to a new REP. The Switch Hold will remain in effect until the specified charges have been paid.

If you are experiencing a Switch Hold issue during your enrollment process, then it is possible the previous occupant left without fulfilling outstanding debt. To remove the Switch Hold, you will need to show proof of new occupancy so that the TDSP or the previous REP will agree to remove the Switch Hold in order for us to continue with your enrollment process. To show proof of occupancy, please visit this FAQ.

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