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Energy Efficiency Incentives in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is an attractive destination for many families to move to Рyou have the Atlantic Ocean, famous fall foliage and great sports teams all in one small state. What's more, the state is a leader in energy efficiency, making it a prime destination for people who want to minimize their environmental footprint and save on their utility bill. Massachusetts' reputation as one of the foremost states in the nation when it comes to conservation is well-earned Рin fact, it's been ranked number one for energy efficiency by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy for eight years in a row, and counting.

Energy Efficiency Incentives in Massachusetts

Aggressive Emission-Cutting Goals

The Massachusetts Legislature as well as state regulatory bodies continue to be active in promoting efficiency. The state recently approved a three-year efficiency plan that lays out benchmarks for utilities to encourage further cutbacks in energy consumption and commensurate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, shooting for 2.7 percent annual reductions in electricity sales and 1.25 percent drops for natural gas in addition to launching lifetime savings goals for propane and oil usage.

In addition, last year the state passed An Act to Advance Clean Energy, which aims, among other goals, to remove obstacles to residential solar installation, expand offshore wind production, allow new technologies to qualify for energy efficiency programs and achieve a benchmark of 1,000 MWh of energy storage by 2025.

What Does Massachusetts' Efficiency Mindset Mean for Me?

Consumers benefit from Massachusetts' focus on conservation in the form of lower utility bills in their mailbox every month, while the state's overall drop in emissions will help mitigate our long-term impact on the climate.

Massachusetts is also shooting to reach a goal of net zero-energy for new construction of residential and commercial buildings. For older homes, there are a plethora of resources available to beef up efficiency and keep lost and wasted energy to an absolute minimum.

Massachusetts Energy Grants, Tax Credits and Efficiency Programs

The state offers a number of tools and incentives to help residents unlock maximum efficiency from their homes:

Discover the Tricks to Sealing Up Your Home

  • The Department of Energy Efficiency provides an Online Home Energy Assessment to identify areas where your house does well in meeting efficiency goals and where it falls short.
  • In-home assessments to guide you toward the next steps to upgrading your home infrastructure and systems are also available.

Find Energy Grants and Loans for Your Efficiency Upgrades

Unlock Tax Credits by Investing in Wind and Solar:

Resources to Find Even More Renewable Energy Programs:

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