How can I Recycle Packing Materials from a Recent Move?

If you've ever had to move, chances are you didn't enjoy the process. The destination is great but the packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of all your personal items was less than enjoyable. For people who lead a green lifestyle, the idea of moving can be even more stressful. In order to transport your items, you must pack them and that means layering them in packing materials that can lead to waste. Is it possible to recycle these packing materials? Is it possible to achieve a green move?

Yes, it is, and here's how in 4 simple steps:

1. Cardboard is your friend. If you're looking for containers, you can't beat the cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are completely recyclable and they also provide stability and protection for your cherished belongings. If you're really looking for green packing materials, visit a local restaurant or business and ask if they have any old cardboard boxes you can use. These boxes don't always find their way to the recycling bin and collecting them assures they are used once more.

2. Research professional movers. If you are planning to hire professional movers, inquire about services they provide after the move is finished. Many professional moving companies will return to collect your cardboard boxes and packing materials afterwards. This ensures your materials will be recycled for use with another move instead of heading to a landfill.

3. Use your clothes. We know cardboard is the best container for our green move, and newspaper make a perfect cushion for your delicate items. But let us suggest the idea that you use your clothes and towels when wrapping and packing your belongings into boxes. This is not to suggest that you wrap your dishes with your fancy dresses or work slacks; instead, use your t-shirts, pajamas, workout attire, bath towels and more. You already have to pack your clothes, so think of this as getting rid of two birds with one stone. And you won't even have to recycle your clothes!

4. Make smart choices with packing peanuts. How can the dreaded packing peanut have a place in a blog about a green move? Well, it does, although admittedly a small one. When it comes to packing peanuts, color matters. Green peanuts are made of 70 percent recycled material and are a better choice than pink or white peanuts. If you do have pink or white peanuts, as a consequence of a previous purchase, using them in your move provides an opportunity to recycle them instead of simply throwing them away.

Moving doesn't need to be wasteful or stressful, so learn how you can have a green move by recycling your packing materials and using less when moving.

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