Plumbing Tips For The Winter

When it comes to plumbing, there are certain 'cold weather' preventative measures that will help maintain a healthy, efficient water system and avoid excess water loss and excessive bills. Direct Energy recommends the following plumbing maintenance tips to help safeguard your system throughout the winter months.

  • Outside water valves

    To protect your pipes and keep them from freezing in the severe cold, turn off the valve that controls the tap for your garden hose. This will avoid water entering the hose and freezing, causing the pipes to burst.

  • Know the location of your home's main water valve

    In case of a major incident - such as a pipe bursting - when you might need to immediately shut off all of the water in the home, it's critical to know where the main water valve is located. This valve is usually located next to the water meter and should be kept in good condition. To maintain your home's main water valve and keep it in working order, open and close it once a year.

  • Hire right the first time

    Your home is typically one of the biggest, most important purchases you can make - the result of a painstaking search that might have taken months or even years. Therefore, when it comes to home maintenance - from air conditioner repairs to plumbing maintenance - it only makes sense to hire someone who is qualified and will do the job well. Direct Energy offers the following tips for finding the right technician to make repairs to your prized possession.

    • Hire a technician from a well-known, reputable organization such as Direct Energy.

    • Make sure the technician is licensed and insured.

    • Use a technician who will provide an upfront explanation of the entire repair process.

    • Ensure you have an itemized work order that shows exactly what is going to be done and how much it will cost - in advance!

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