Evacuation Planning

During a disaster, it is important to monitor local radio, television, and your NOAA Weather Radio for local weather reports. Local radio and television can also offer you information about emergency housing, shelter information, first aid, and other forms of assistance.

Hurricane Evacuation Planning

If ordered to evacuate

  • Heed the advice of local authorities.
  • Leave as early as possible to avoid traffic, preferably in daylight.
  • Leave mobile homes in any case.
  • Unplug all appliances before leaving.
  • Have road maps and reservations ready at a motel/hotel outside flood zones.
  • Stay with friends, relatives, or at a low-rise inland motel/hotel outside flood zones.
  • Most public shelters do not allow pets nor do most motels/hotels, so make arrangements ahead of time.

Regardless of whether you stay or leave, it is important to unplug appliances and electronics, and remove air conditioner fuses to avoid damage caused by power surges when lines and power are restored.

Emergency Numbers:

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