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How Power-To-Go Works

Our Power-To-Go® electricity plans are the premier option in Texas for people who want prepaid electricity. There is no difference in the way you use electricity — just in HOW and WHEN you pay for it. When you choose a prepaid electricity plan from Direct Energy, you will pay for a specific amount of electricity upfront to activate your account. After that, you just need to pay as often and as much as you'd like — as long as you keep your account balance above zero.

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No Deposit, No Contract, No Credit Check

You're free of deposits and contracts when you sign up for a Direct Energy Power-To-Go® electricity plan. Simply pre-pay for your electricity upfront — as much as you want and when you want to pay — and then continue to make payments on your terms with no commitment. Just make sure your account balance remains above $5.00. You also can avoid a credit check with this program, so it's easy to power your home.

Pay Upfront in Smaller Amounts

Pay for your prepaid electricity when it's convenient for you with Direct Energy Power-To-Go®. You won't receive any monthly electricity bills from us. Instead, you'll get periodic e-mails and text messages when your electricity account is low. You get to choose how much you want to pay and how often you want to pay with our prepaid electricity plan - all depending on how much electricity you plan to use. It's energy on your terms.

Track Your Usage

The amount of prepaid electricity in your account balance decreases as you use electricity. You can track your usage and your balance within your Online Account Manager to learn when you need to add money to your account. You'll get a text message and/or email from us when you have about 3-7 days of prepaid electricity left. You'll also continue to receive friendly reminders about your account balance until you make a payment and add money to your account.

Power-to-Go FAQs

Am I eligible to sign up for Direct Energy's Power-to-Go?

You are eligible for this product if you have a provisioned smart meter installed by your TDU at your service address and the service address is within our service territory. Direct Energy Power-To-Go® is currently available in Oncor and CenterPoint service areas. Eventually, Direct Energy will offer Direct Energy Power-To-Go® in other utility service territories once smart meters are installed in those territories.

Also, you must have a text-capable cell phone or valid e-mail address to receive your daily account updates.

Finally, Direct Energy is unable to offer this product to customers that are designated "Critical Care" or Chronic Condition by their local utility, nor to customers that could become seriously ill or sustain a dangerous or life-threatening condition if a zero balance caused a service interruption.

Will I receive a Power-to-Go electricity bill?

You will not receive a monthly electricity bill. Instead, you pay in advance for your electricity, making a monthly bill unnecessary. You'll have the freedom to pay any amount you want. As a Direct Energy Power-To-Go® customer, you will receive daily notifications regarding your usage, estimated number of days remaining, low balance warnings, and payment confirmations.

How do I know when it's time to make a payment?

You will get daily Account Updates so you know your balance and usage, which can help you manage your energy costs. We will also send you a warning notice three to seven days before your account balance is estimated to reach zero. You can choose email or text message as your communication preference so you don't have to deal with any missed mail or papers.

Is payment assistance still available to me if I am on Direct Energy's Power-to-Go?

Should you need assistance paying for your electricity service, contact 1-877-399-8939 or go to for a list of assistance agencies. At your request or the request of an assistance agency, Direct Energy will provide you with your recent usage and payment history. Direct Energy will work with assistance agencies as necessary, and if you qualify, to assist you in maintaining your electricity service.

Still have questions? Find more answers on our Power-to-Go FAQ page.

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