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No contract, no credit check, no deposit. Get the freedom of same-day*, no-hassle electricity with Direct Energy.

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prepaid electricity

Pay As You Go Electricity Plans

Easily control your prepaid energy account!

Easy Payments

Our prepaid energy plans give you pay-as-you-go convenience. Make payments on your terms - online, in your Online Account Manager, in person, or over the phone.

Easy Reminders

We'll send you reminder texts or emails when it's time to add money to your prepaid energy account.

Easy Service

Get same-day electricity service after you make your initial payment and easily manage your account online.

Easy Tracking

Know how much you're using so you can stretch your dollar even more.

Why Choose a Prepaid Electricity Plan?

Pay-as-you-go electricity plans let you know exactly how much you're using and allow you to control your electricity expenses.

Same-Day Electricity with No Deposit

Get same-day service* after you make your initial payment and easily manage your account online.

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We Have The Right Tools For You

See how much energy you've used on a daily and monthly basis, get text or email reminders when it's time to make your payment, and more.

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Pay As You Go Electricity

It's easier to budget when you pay for your electricity ahead of time. Plus, who doesn't love not having to pay a deposit for electricity service?

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With no deposit, no credit check, and no long-term contracts, it's easy to see why a pay-as-you-go energy plan could be the right choice for you.

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See What Our Customers are Saying

Very satisfied with my bills

The service they gave such as being able to check my usage and the constant tips the Direct Energy app gave me were a big help.

Thingsawn in Dallas, TX

The best I've ever had

The best electric company I've used in such a long time.

ryanvn09 in Paris, TX

More than just power

We are now more productive and energy conscious. Now we plan our power consumption better than ever.

BCMD in Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Prepaid electricity lets you buy electricity as you need it. There is a minimum payment of $30.00 that will be required to start service. While there is no long-term contract term, the price is comparable to other plans in the market. You pay for your electricity upfront, and then receive daily account balances and usage updates via text message or e-mail. Payments can be made online, by phone, or at one of our authorized payment centers.

Prepaid electricity has many benefits. While there is a minimum payment of $30.00 required to start service there is no credit check, no long-term contract, and no monthly bill. You can pay with a credit card online and by phone, or pay with cash at several convenient authorized Pay Stations. Checks are not accepted by any payment channel.

You receive daily Account Updates so you know your balance and usage, which helps you manage your energy costs. We begin alerting you three to seven days prior to when your account balance is estimated to reach zero. You can choose email or text messages as your communication preference. You won't have to deal with any missed or lost mail.

Finally, you can manage your account information with our free Online Account Manager.

Yes — you start by selecting a start date for your service to begin.

Then, in order to activate your account, you must make an initial minimum payment of $30.00 immediately after you sign up for a prepaid electricity plan. You can make your first payment over the phone at the end of your enrollment or in person at an authorized pay station to ensure your electricity begins on your requested start date.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to make your first payment online, you will not be able to do so until the next business day, which may delay your service start date.

When you begin enrollment, the first thing we check is whether your service address has a provisioned smart meter. As long as you or anyone else in your household is not designated as critical care or chronic condition and you have a text-capable cell phone or a valid email address, you can sign up for a prepaid plan.

You can pay by credit card online and by phone, or pay by cash at many conveniently located authorized Pay Stations. We do not accept checks through any payment channel.

You will get daily Account Updates so you know your balance and usage, which can help you manage your energy costs. We will also send you a warning notice three to seven days before your account balance is estimated to reach zero. You can choose email or text message as your communication preference.

What happens to my account balance when there is an extreme weather emergency?

If at any time a deficit balance is equal to or greater than $50.00 due to an extreme weather emergency or under billing, you may be eligible to enroll in a Deferred Payment Plan. You must contact Customer Service to request enrollment in a Deferred Payment Plan.

You must repay your deficit balance over time as part of future payments, with 25% of all future payments being used to pay the outstanding deficit balance until the deficit balance is fully paid.

Failure to adhere to the terms agreed to in a Deferred Payment Plan will result in the entire outstanding amount of the deficit balance becoming immediately due and included into your account balance. If this results in your account balance being equal to or less than $0.00, Direct Energy may request that your TDU interrupt your electricity service.

You will not receive a monthly electricity bill. Instead, you pay in advance for your electricity, making a monthly bill unnecessary. You'll have the freedom to pay any amount you want.

You can always view your billing and payment history by logging into your Online Account Manager.

*Offer valid for new residential customers in Texas only. Provisioned smart meter required. Certain eligibility requirements, fees, taxes, terms and conditions apply. Orders placed after 2 p.m. will be activated the following business day.

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