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Transferring Your Service Has Never Been Easier!

If you're looking to transfer your current Direct Energy service from your old home to your new home, we can help!

Why Transfer My Service?

There's enough to plan for and coordinate when you're trying to move. Transferring your electricity plan shouldn't be one of them! When you transfer your Direct Energy service, you'll enjoy having one less thing to do before you move.

No Early Termination Fees

Ending your service early normally means paying an early termination fee. You can transfer your service to your new address in our service area at no cost to you!

No Deposit Required

Since you're already our customer, there's no need for a deposit.

Seamless Transition

Choose the end date at your current address and the start date for your new address and enjoy no service interruptions.

How Do I Transfer My Service?

Transferring your service is a straightforward process you can complete in four easy steps:


Choose Your End Date

Tell us when you'd like to stop service at your old address.


Provide Your New Address

Tell us where you'll be moving.


Pick Your Start Date

Tell us when you want to start service at your new address.


Shop Plans

View plans for your new address and pick the one that's right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can transfer your existing Direct Energy service online quite easily. First, log into your Online Account Manager with your Username and Password. Once you've logged in, the "Transfer Service" link should be on the top navigation menu. When you click that link, you'll be asked to provide the following information:

  1. What date would you like to stop service at your old address?
  2. What date would you like to start service at your new address?
  3. What is your new address?

When you click the button to confirm your transfer information, you'll be presented with a range of plan options and the current rates for those plans in your new service area.

If you're not able to process your transfer online, don't see the "Transfer Service" link or can't find a plan option to suit you, please call Customer Service at 1-855-461-1926. Our customer care team will be happy to help with your transfer.

Direct Energy will not charge you a fee to transfer your service. However, you may be assessed a one-time new connection fee by your local utility company, also known as the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) or Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) on your first bill at your new service address. This new connection fee ranges from $3.20 to $54.00, depending upon your TDSP.

Learn more about non-recurring fees and other TDSP charges.

If you're on a fixed-rate plan and moving to a new service address, you are no longer subject to the contract term at your previous service address and won't be charged the Early Termination Fee on your Final Bill at your previous service address.

You are asked to choose a new plan when you transfer your service because plan contracts do not transfer between locations. A contract is limited to service to a customer at a location specified in the contract. Therefore, if you choose to continue service with Direct Energy at another location, it is considered a move-in.

In short, a service can transfer to a new service address, but your rate and plan for your old service address cannot. This is because your rate at your old service address was the given rate at the time you chose that plan. When you move to a new service address, the rate for that new service address will not be the same as your old service address.

In general, it takes 3 business days to complete a standard order for service. When you transfer your service, you can request service to begin on the same day. This is called a Same Day Turn-On and there is an additional fee involved. If you select Same Day Turn-On service, you will be assessed a one-time fee on your first bill with Direct Energy, as determined by the Transmission & Distribution Utility Provider (also known as the TDSP or utility company) for your area.

Typically, if a customer places a Same Day Turn-On Order and pays all the necessary fees (including any required deposit amount), service for the customer will begin within 24 hours. Ultimately, the time frame for a Priority Move-In is determined by the TDSP technician workload. Unfortunately, you cannot request to end service on the same day you request your transfer. It takes 3 days for Direct Energy and the TDSP in your area to process and complete your service termination request.

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