Useful Tools and Resources

Useful Tools & Resources

The Direct Energy Learning Center

No matter your household need, it's important to be an informed consumer. The more you know, the more you can live efficiently and potentially save. The Direct Energy Learning Center is an educational hub addressing a range of home-related topics including improvement, maintenance and safety, to extreme weather preparation, green living, and creating a modern, smart home. Plus, our very own Reduce Your Use University makes energy efficiency easy.

Direct Energy Blog

Learn, engage, and share. We want to help make your home a more connected space, and we also want to connect with you to better understand your needs and what matters to you most. The Direct Energy blog opens a two-way dialogue on a variety of topics where our values align with our customers. We'll talk to you about energy, innovation, potential savings, and greener living, while also extending the home life conversation to decor, maintenance, your family, travel, and more. The Direct Energy blog is a destination to help make your home a comfortable and happy space for you and your family, updated with fun, fresh content throughout each week.

Direct Energy Business Blog

The Direct Energy Business blog is designed to educate and inform both small business owners and large business energy decision-makers. Our main priority is helping businesses buy less of what we sell. Learn how businesses can reduce energy usage, see the latest market updates and get alerted of important regulatory and policy changes. Our team of energy advisors is here to help you understand the complexities of buying electricity and natural gas, while also informing you of the latest energy technologies and how they may be able to help your businesses. Visit us and take a look for yourself. Be sure to subscribe so our updates are delivered straight to your inbox.

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