Agency Pledges Frequently Asked Questions for Texas, Agency Pledges

Agency Pledges FAQs

  • How come my bill still shows that I have a past due balance when an agency pledge has been made for me on my behalf?

    Your account will still reflect an overdue balance until the pledge payment is...

  • How does an Agency Pledge work with Direct Energy?

    If your account receives an agency pledge, you are enrolled in an Payment Extension. The agency who pledged money to your account has 45 days to send payment to us to credit your account. It is still your responsibility to pay any remaining balance the agency did not cover, as well as any future invoices that are created. This plan will protect your account from disconnection for the amount the agency agreed to pledge only.

    When the pledge is paid, the account protection will end. Any remaining balance left overdue will be your responsibility to pay and you may be disconnected for this remaining balance. Please refer to information provided by the agency for the schedule of pledge payments you are set to...

  • Will my bill show an agency pledge I have received?

    No, your bill will not reflect a pledge, but it will show any payments received from the previous billing cycle, which could include a pledge...

  • What if my agency pledge is expired but my account balance did not change?

    You will have to contact the agency who made the pledge and confirm that the payment was sent to Direct Energy. The agency can call us if there are any discrepancies. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at...

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