Average Billing Frequently Asked Questions for Texas, Average Billing

Average Billing FAQs

  • Does Direct Energy offer a leveled or average payment plan to its customers?

    Yes, we do have such a service, though we refer to it as "Average Billing." You can call Customer Service at 1-855-461-1926 to speak with a representative in order to express your interest in receiving more information on Average Billing for your service...

  • How does an Average Billing Plan work with Direct Energy?

    The Average Billing Plan averages your monthly invoice to provide a way for you to budget energy dollars. The Average Billing Plan is convenient because it bills you approximately the same amount each month, though the amount could differ slightly from month to month based on taxes, pass-through charges, and other fees. Your usage is reviewed monthly and adjustments made to the installment amount based on the your actual usage.

    Your monthly bill is a rolling average of your electric usage for the previous 11 months plus your usage from the current month. That amount is divided by 12, taking into consideration the current month's rate with a slight adjustment for outside factors.

    To be eligible for an Average Billing Plan:

    • Your account must be current in order to be set up on Average Billing Plan;
    • All your subsequent invoices must be paid on time;
    • You are not currently enrolled in a Payment Extension or Deferred Payment Plan;
    • You are currently not enrolled in Summary Billing; and
    • You agree to have all active premises on the account enrolled in the Average Bill...

    • How can I break my Average Billing Plan?

      There are four primary ways you can break the terms of your Average Billing Plan agreement with Direct Energy:

      1. Two consecutive missed payments;
      2. Enrollment in a Payment Extension or Deferred Payment Plan;
      3. Enrollment in Summary Bill option; or
      4. Adding premise addresses which are not enrolled in the Average Billing...

      5. What happens if I break my Average Billing Plan?

        You will be removed from the Average Billing Plan, and the accumulated variance balance will be due as part the balance on your next...

      6. How can I opt out of my Average Billing Plan?

        If want to end your Average Billing plan please call our Customer Service at 1-888-305-3828. Your next bill will factor in any unpaid average balance.

        1. If the Accumulated Average Balance is a credit, such as $300cr, you paid before you used the energy, and the Accumulated Average Balance will reduce the balance due; or
        2. If the Accumulated Average Balance is a debit, such as $250.00, you have paid less than the amount of the energy you used, and the Accumulated Average Balance amount will be added to the balance due.

        If you move from your address and no longer are our customer, your Average Billing plan will be ended as of your final statement and the entire balance becomes...

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