Why won't my SmartPower Outlet connect?

Connecting your SmartPower Outlet is as simple as telling the SmartThings mobile app you'd like to connect a new light/switch and then plugging it in. However, in cases where you have deleted the SmartPower Outlet and need to reconnect it to your Hub, you'll need to perform a factory reset of the device before it will successfully reconnect. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the SmartPower Outlet is removed from your SmartThings Hub in the mobile app
  2. From the Dashboard, tap on the (+) icon to access SmartSetup
  3. Tap "Switches/Dimmers" bringing you to the associated Things page
  4. Tap "SmartPower Outlet"
  5. Tap the "+ Connect Now" banner at the top
  6. As you plug in the outlet, hold down the button on the face of the device
  7. As soon as the blue light turns on, release the button (*NOTE: If you don't remove your finger as the instant the blue LED light comes on, it will not successfully complete the factory reset process*)
  8. The LED should temporarily start blinking, and once it connects, it will stop, and the mobile app will indicate it has found a device

If you continue to have trouble, please contact support@smartthings.com for assistance.

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