Why won't my SmartSense Multi connect to my Hub?

The SmartSense Multi is an all-in-one contact sensor, temperature sensor, and accelerometer. If you've already removed the pull-tab and tried connecting the Multi to the Hub, you're going to have to connect it manually.

First, you need to reset the Multi.

  1. Press the push-tabs on either side of the Multi and remove the cover
  2. Make sure the batteries are securely in place
  3. Hold down the small white button at the bottom of the circuit board for about six seconds until the LED goes out
  4. *Note: If you notice the LED lights up, it could be a case of bad batteries or the metal clamps may be out of place. Try removing the batteries and then firmly pinching the ends of the clamps together until they snap back into place, then re-insert the batteries. If the LED still won't come on, try a new set of batteries (and yes, they are AAAAs that you can buy at the hardware store).*

Next, put your hub in join mode by tapping the (+) icon then selecting "Connect New Device."

  1. Make sure you're within 15 feet of the hub
  2. Press and release the small white button at the bottom of the Multi's circuit board
  3. If the device isn't discovered after 20 seconds, push the button a few more times in two-second intervals.
  4. Finally, once the app shows a device has been found, put the cover back on the Multi.

If you're still having issues, please contact support@smartthings.com for assistance.

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