helping kids go green

Help Your Children to Think Green in Four Easy Steps

The decisions you make every day reflect your values to reduce waste and think green. You use energy efficient appliances in your home, you recycle, and you do what you can to reduce your carbon footprint. Living green is important to you, so you want your kids to live green as well. So how do you do it?

The good news? Becoming a green family is easier than you think. These 4 tips provide easy ways to involve your entire family and help your kids think green.

1. Set a positive example.

If you want your children to think green, living green in front of them is a great teaching tool. This means acting green no matter what - even if you have to hold on to that water bottle or can for an hour and pass 100 trash cans before you actually find a recycling bin. Remember: your kids will mimic your actions, so make sure those actions are positive.

2. Encourage them to learn more about conservation.

Thanks to your behavior, your kids hopefully understand the importance of conservation, and this has them thinking green. Support those ideas by opening up additional educational opportunities for your kids. Contact your children's school or your area community center to find out if there are any conservation programs available. State parks or wildlife refuges are excellent resources for these types of classes as well.

3. Every drop counts.

An upcoming rain storm is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids to think green. Before the storm hits, collect buckets and place them outside. Then, once the storm is gone, ask your kids to use the collected rain water to water the garden or the flowers. Your children will appreciate that not even rain is wasted.

4. Use recycling day as an opportunity to spur their creativity.

If your kids are already actively recycling in your home, then congratulations! Your family is already thinking green. Motivate your children to think creatively about the things they recycle by grabbing items from the recycling bin and encouraging them to conceive of new ways that these items can be used. You may even find a new use for some of your family's recycled items, keeping them from being thrown out at all. Now that's green living.

Hopefully, these four easy ways will get your kids (and maybe the rest of your family) to think green - and do it with some fun and ingenuity.

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