How Can I Live Green at the Office?

How Can I Live Green at the Office?

Seven Tips for Green Living at Work

It's easy to reduce impact on the environment at home by buying sustainable furniture, turning appliances and lights off when not in use, and recycling when possible. You can continue your green journey by making eco-friendly decisions at the office as well.

1) Carpool, Bike, or Walk to Work

You can be a green employee by changing your commute. Consider biking or walking if the office is nearby. When those options are not possible, consider carpooling with co-workers or taking public transportation instead of driving to work each day.

2) Switch to Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Pens, staplers, notebooks and rubber bands — you need this stuff at the office, but not all of it is green. Talk to your manager or employer about buying office supplies with the environment in mind. Many stores carry office supplies made from recycled materials. There are even green products like refillable pens on the market today, making it easy for your workplace to be green.

3) Print Only When Necessary

Computers, tablets and phones can easily show important documents, making the printer's job rarely necessary these days. When documents do need to be printed, choose instead to use recycled paper and print on both sides to be eco-friendly at work.

4) Replace Bulbs with LED Lights

LED lights can be a big benefit to both companies and the environment because they last much longer and typically use at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent light bulbs. And LED lighting technology better mimics natural lighting than CFL light bulbs.

5) Pack Lunches in Reusable Containers

Even if your office offers paper products in the kitchen, you should bring in reusable dishware and bags instead. Passionate employees can go one step further by talking to the higher-ups and asking them to remove the paper supplies altogether.

6) Decorate Offices and Cubicles with Plants

Green plants provide natural beauty in the office and also act as a natural air filter to remove pollutants and keep the air fresh. Some air-filtering plants don't require a lot of upkeep, making it easy for everyone to enjoy energizing plants in a cubicle or office.

7) Turn Computers off at the End of the Day

When closing time arrives, many of us leave in a hurry, not giving much thought to our computers. Rather than letting monitors go to sleep, you can go green at the office by completely turning off your computer after each work day. It's also a good idea to shut off copiers, fax machines, and printers to further cut down on energy usage.

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