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Why Should I Use Green Electricity in My Home?

This is a commonly asked question with multiple answers. In truth, there are many benefits to using green electricity in your home, but they generally fall into two different categories, economic benefits and environmental benefits. Let's take a look at each of them.

The Economic Benefits of Using Green Electricity in Your Home

The economic benefits of green electricity exist on both a national and local level. Green energy relies more on manpower than machines, and this translates into more jobs nationally. Plus, green energy is created domestically, making us less dependent on foreign energy sources.

How can that benefit a homeowner like you? The perks for you come in stable energy prices, prices that have continued to drop as the green energy movement has grown.

Consider the following: Between the years 2010 and 2012, the costs associated with generating electricity from wind dropped by 20 percent, and prices have fallen by more than 80 percent since 1980 according to the American Wind Energy Association. The market continues to grow with companies in states like Texas continuing to develop and expand their wind resources. All of this makes green electricity cheaper and easier to use than ever before.

The Environmental Benefits of Using Green Electricity in Your Home

The environmental impact of traditional energy production is astounding. Did you know, the production of non-green electricity is the largest source of industrial air pollution in the United States, accounting for one-third of all U.S. global warming emissions?

Electricity generated by green sources offers a renewable energy source that does not have a negative effect on the air or the land - as is common with contemporary fossil fuel extraction. If the United States is able to achieve a 25% renewable electricity standard by 2025, it will lower power plant CO2 emissions by 277 million metric tons each year, according to analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

This can mean health benefits for everyone, as air pollution is commonly linked to breathing problems, neurological damage, and even heart attacks or cancer.

The benefits of using green electricity in your home are both economic and environmental, the good news is, no matter which benefit you're interested in, you'll enjoy the other as well. You just have to make the switch.

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