Your Smart Home

Thoroughly Modern: The Top Tools and Apps to Control Your Home from Your Smartphone

It used to be that home maintenance required you to be, well, in your home. That's not true anymore. Modern technology is giving users more control over their home by allowing them to simply push a button on a smartphone. If this level of control appeals to you, here are some of the top tools and apps to consider:

Smart Thermostats

Save energy without sacrificing control. Smart thermostats allow you to program the temperature of your home from your smartphone. Lower the temperature while you're away and raise it just before you get home. Smart thermostats can also be programmed to remember your settings, so you can be sure everything at home will be just as you like it when you come in the door.

Motion-Surveillance Cameras

The high-tech security enjoyed by commercial businesses is available to homeowners with motion-surveillance cameras. These cameras turn on when they detect movement, and alert the homeowner when they turn on, too. This allows you to watch live footage of what is going on in your home. You can also adjust the camera settings from your phone.

Smart Outlets

Instead of buying smart appliances, save money by updating the outlets instead. Smart outlets plug into traditional outlets and can be controlled by your smartphone.

Wireless Remotes

Erase the clutter in your living room by eliminating the remotes for electronic entertainment. The VooMote Zapper allows users to operate their iPhone or iPad as a universal remote control. What's better is that you'll actually be able to find it.

Let There Be Less Light

Modern dimmable CFL bulbs are available now, and many can actually be controlled by your smartphone. They install like regular light bulbs, but there is nothing conventional about the control they allow.

Pet Feeders

For homeowners who forget to feed their pet or won't be home for a feeding, modern technology has the answer. Many apps, such as Petnet, allow homeowners to visually check in on their pet's food supply and activate the dispenser if quantities are running low.

Keyless Entry

House keys may soon be forgotten along with all the stresses they've caused. New app technology allows homeowners to open their front doors from their smartphones and even verify that doors are locked whenever they want. Special guest codes can be given to visitors, too, and no one has to worry about losing or duplicating keys any longer.

The Best Way to Start Your Day

Many people believe that a warm cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day, and those people will love apps like Scanomat. These apps not only allow you to turn on the coffee pot from your smartphone, but they also let you choose which flavor you want to sleep just a little longer.


HouseControl gives you all-in-one control, perfect for the busy person on the go. Control lamps, computers, exterior lights, coffee makers and more, all from your smartphone with this 99-cent app.

There are hundreds of apps on the market aimed at empowering homeowners and giving them control over their homes, no matter where they are. Each app has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it's worth researching the apps that most appeal to you. Like any other home purchase, what you bring into your home is all a matter of personal preference.

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