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Company Culture

We hope you will ask, "What's it like to work at Direct Energy?" It's a normal question, no matter the level of your career. It's important to understand your workplace environment and what your day-to-day will be like. Why? Because we want you to be happy. And every work place offers its own unique culture. So, is Direct Energy right for you?

Company Culture at Direct Energy

The Lay of the Land

Every Direct Energy office features an open floor plan. Teams openly collaborate to ideate and work efficiently. While meetings are hosted in conference rooms and "huddles," there are no individual offices. From the CEO to entry-level employees, we host an environment of approachability, comfort, and sharing.

Focused Work Ethics

Direct Energy employees have a passion for their area of expertise; they love what they do. Whether or not they have a background in energy or home services, team members embrace our company's value propositions towards energy efficiency, innovation, and the future of homes. It's easy to get excited about a company where you can be a contributor to fulfilling its brand promise, and so employees have a dedicated daily focus and strong work ethic. Big idea thinking is encouraged, and entrepreneurship championed. Innovative employees equals innovative products and services for our customers.

Employee Engagement

Did we mention we have fun? From corporate activities like food truck days and volunteer activities to smaller team outings, Direct Energy cultivates a connected workforce. We make it easy for employees to be connected to one another, the company, the community, and our industries. Engagement activities are planned regularly across businesses, and exciting business news and developments are shared across communication channels like our best-in-class intranet, email newsletters, and our employee-only app, Powerchat.

Diversity & Inclusion

In our workplace environment, all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully. We believe you are at your best and an asset when you can bring your whole self to work, including your background and values. Team members learn from one another every day, and the best ideas are generated from diversity. Direct Energy is a place where everyone can feel comfortable and be themselves.

Work/Life Balance

Direct Energy employees are encouraged not only to work hard and reach their goals, but to respect their home life and family needs first and foremost. We're excited that our employees devote so much to our success, and that same devotion is deserved for one's family and self. We have partnerships that provide discounted emergency childcare when needed, and our wellness programs encourage healthy living inside and outside of the office. Additionally, Direct Energy offers internal training seminars that also help guide managing a balanced lifestyle.

Safety and Compliance

Lastly, but most importantly to our company values, are safety and compliance. It's our number one priority. We have employees in the field, in vehicles, and more. Our dedicated work groups consistently gather feedback and activate better ways to work so that every employee feels safe and confident.

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