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Diversity and Inclusion

At Direct Energy, we're committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion. It is critical that as an organization we reflect the diverse communities served by our family of brands. We are committed to placing equality, diversity, care and respect at the heart of our policies and everyday practices of our employees. Our vision is to employ a rich and diverse mix of people who reflect the societies in which we work, and ensure that our business continues to impact positively on our colleagues, communities, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

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Diversity and Inclusion at Direct Energy

Employee Networks

Every day, we are actively constructing new initiatives to foster appreciation for individuality, and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Each initiative, from Employee Networks to cultural education opportunities, are part of our Diversity & Inclusion program. We also sponsor and partner with other organizations, striving for equality and respect for all people.

Black Organization for Leadership and Development (BOLD)

BOLD (Black Organization of Leadership and Development)

BOLD's mission is to leverage the talents of African-American/Black employees by providing ongoing support that strengthens Centrica's values and development potential of all Centrica employees. They execute this mission via frequent conversations with Centrica leadership, quarterly meetings with members and providing employees with leadership and development opportunities. They also provide mentorship and community service opportunities, including partnerships with Urban Pathways Charter School as well as the POSSE Foundation and their Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP).


ENABLE aims to provide a central network of resources and support for all employees impacted by disability. ENABLE is a single network for employees experiencing a disability and for employees offering care or support for someone experiencing a disability. This includes all degrees of disability and care—from employees caring for elderly parents on a daily basis; to employees recovering from a physical injury; to managers navigating the rules of interacting with employees out on disability leave; to employees undergoing treatment or surgery for a health condition.

Honor Network

Honor Network

The Honor Network is Centrica's first military-focused employee network dedicated to leading and inspiring action toward honoring U.S. veterans, military members and their families. Their mission is to establish an open network of employees that honor and support the veteran community, while promoting a culture of leadership and integrity in the workplace. Past community service events include laying roses on the gravesites of fallen soldiers at the Houston National Cemetery for Memorial Day.


Spectrum is Direct Energy's employee network for LGBTQ+ employees and allies. Our main purpose is to allow all employees to bring their whole selves to work. Spectrum's goal is to curate events that remind us of all of our similarities rather than differences—focusing on community involvement, member growth and educational opportunities. Past Spectrum events have included participating in local Pride events held in the cities where we work as well as in office events to put employees in touch with information and resources .

Women in Energy

Women in Energy

Women in Energy's mission is to create an inclusive group with a focus on helping women gain insight, awareness, and confidence as they navigate unique challenges and opportunities, get to know each other, and develop strategies for achieving success. Past Women in Energy events include networking sessions and discussion panels.

From the top of our executive leadership, to our entry-level employees, we're dedicated to creating and sustaining a workplace culture where diversity is not only accepted but valued and embedded into our organization's DNA.

When you work at Direct Energy, you will feel welcomed and comfortable, and know that every voice is heard and respected.

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