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Diversity and Inclusion

At Direct Energy, we believe that when you look at the company around you, you can benefit from finding those you have something in common with, while growing from those who are different from you. We all bring vast experiences to collaborative teams, and diversity not only fosters an environment inclusive of all individuals, but it generates fresh idea sharing and powerful brainstorming that breeds innovation; that's what Direct Energy's all about.

Diversity and Inclusion at Direct Energy

Every day, we are actively constructing new initiatives to foster appreciation for individuality, and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Each initiative, from Employee Networks to cultural opportunities, are part of our Diversity & Inclusion program. We also support other organizations, through sponsorship and partnership striving for equality and respect for all people. Some examples can be seen below.

From the top of our executive leadership, to our entry level employees, there is a dedication to a creating and sustaining a workplace culture where diversity is not only accepted, but valued and embedded into the DNA of the organization.

When you work at Direct Energy, you will feel welcomed, comfortable, and know that every voice is heard and respected.

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