Learn More About Deregulation

How Does Deregulation Work?

When you choose energy service with a competitive provider, you'll continue to have energy delivered by your current local utility company. Competitive providers buy electricity or natural gas supply for customers and have it delivered to the local utility. The utility company then distributes the electricity or natural gas to the customer.

Why is Deregulation Beneficial?

Under deregulation, marketers purchase electricity or natural gas at wholesale and may be able to sell it at a lower price. With more competitors in the market, these are some of the benefits you could experience when shopping for an electricity or natural gas plan:

  • Price protection (with a wider variety of pricing options)
  • Competitive prices may now be available to the consumer
  • More product plans are available for customers
  • Prices may be stabilized for the consumer
  • Larger selection of products that support customer needs (ex., Green Products)
  • Freedom of choice

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