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Air Conditioners and Furnaces: How Do They Work Together?

Air Conditioners and Furnaces - How Do They Work Together?

Your heating and cooling systems have many components that work together to provide optimal home comfort. Air conditioning systems work hand in hand with your heating system, so upgrades to your cooling system will be affected by the efficiency of your heating system.

AC Furnace working together
  1. Furnace heats the air in the winter and the blower circulates air through the home
  2. AC evaporator coil removes heat and humidity in summer
  3. Condensate line carries excess moisture to floor drain
  4. Compressor circulates refrigerant through evaporator coil and expels heat outdoors
  5. Cool or warm air supplied to the home
  6. Thermostat sets temperature for your comfort
  7. Air returns to furnace for air conditioning
  8. Humidity is added in water
  9. House air is cleaned before being recirculated

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