Installing Your Nest Learning Thermostat™

We know you're excited to get your Nest Learning Thermostat™ up and working in your home. Thankfully, installing your new Nest is almost as simple as ordering the Comfort & Control energy plan from Direct Energy! Use the directions on this page to get Nest thinking for your home in a just a few steps.

VIDEO: Install It Yourself

Watch this quick 4 minute video on how to install your new thermostat yourself with ease. Or, read our detailed instructions below for a simple reference guide while you install.

Will Nest Work in Your Home?

Nest's Compatibility Checker provides you with a checklist for your home's wiring and HVAC system to see if it works with a Nest Thermostat. According to the compatibility checker, Nest works in 95% of homes with low voltage systems.

Nest Compatibility CheckerCheck your home's compatibility

Nest, Nest Learning Thermostat™, Nest Leaf, Airwave, Auto-Away, and the Nest logo are trademarks or service marks of Nest Labs, Inc. You must be a single family homeowner to enroll in the Plan. Your Nest Learning Thermostat will be shipped to you within 4-6 weeks of the date you start receiving service from Direct Energy.The Nest Thermostat is compatible with most HVAC systems. Check your home's compatibility before enrolling in the plan. If you cancel your Plan early, you must pay a device cost recovery fee of $200 per thermostat. Your cost may be found in your Direct Energy Plan contract, or within Online Account Manager.

* Based on independent studies by Energy Trust of Oregon and Vectren.

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