Sengled Connected Home Lighting Kit Frequently Asked Questions for Connecticut, Sengled Connected Home Lighting Kit

Sengled Connected Home Lighting Kit FAQs

  • How should I reset the hub?

    Press and hold the white round button on the side of the hub for a minimum of eight seconds and then release it. After a few seconds, the middle blue signal indicator light on the front of the hub should light up in a few seconds and flash eight times, if the reset is successful. Wait for up to 30 seconds for the indicator light to become...

  • How should I reset the bulb to factory default?

    Power on the bulb, wait for a minimum of 4 seconds, and then power cycle the bulb (turning it off and then back on) quickly for at minimum ten times. The bulb will blink five times indicating pairing...

  • The device status in the App seems to be out of sync with the actual device status. What should I do?

    There are times when the status of the active devices on the App can be out of sync with their actual status because the App does not automatically get the update. To retrieve the latest status, go to "Devices" or "Individual Bulbs," drag your finger down the screen until you see "Release to refresh..." appear on the screen, and then remove your finger from the screen. This will help synchronize the active device list and device status between the App and the server. The device list and individual bulb list also have auto refreshing mechanism built-in and update the device status every 10...

  • When adding a new hub in my account, why can't my App find the hub?

    To add a new hub via the Element app from your mobile device, please first make sure your hub has been reset prior to a new connection. Then make sure your mobile device is connected to the same 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network that the hub is connected to. Also check that this Wi-Fi network from your router is working properly. Last but not least, power on the hub, wait for about 60 seconds allowing the software on the hub enough time to initialize, and then try...

  • What is the recommended distance between bulbs and hub?

    Depending on what sits in between a hub and a bulb, the typical working range in an indoor US residential setting is roughly between 50 to 180...

  • I have occasionally seen Hub Offline when hub is actually powered on. Why would the hub be offline?

    This normally happens when hub loses its connection to the router or the Internet connection via the router has been interrupted. This problem should correct itself once the network connection is recovered. Try refreshing the device list to update the device...

  • How many states does a bulb have in the App?

    There are three states that a bulb has as far as App is concerned:

    • On: Online and being turned on. This is indicated in the Individual bulb list with a white bulb icon in orange background.
    • Off: Online and being turned off. This is indicated in the Individual bulb list with a white bulb icon in grey background.
    • Offline: Offline and is considered being powered off. This is indicated in the Individual bulb list with a bulb icon having white and grey stripes in grey background plus an "X" above the bulb...

    • When I power off the Element bulb on the wall switch, when can I expect this bulb status change to show up in the App?

      When the wall switch turns off a bulb, the bulb will normally show up in the individual bulb list as in "off" state in less than 10 seconds and as "offline" after at least 20 minutes. It takes time for the server to tell apart the "offline" from a temporary transient "off" state that can be caused by specific wall switch operations such as bulb resetting.

      Note: While the bulbs are in "off" state, they will show up in the home screen as still being "online" and as active in the device list until they move into the "offline" state.

      Bulbs will not be able to report "off" state to the server in the following scenarios:

      1. The bulb will not send "off" state to the server if it is connected to the dimmer switch and is powered off from the dimmer. This is due to the fact that when being connected to a dimmer, the bulb may report the wrong state to the server due to the hardware setup.
      2. If the bulb is powered on by the wall switch but quickly powered off again with no delay, it will not be able to report "off" state to the server. This is because the firmware on the bulb does not have enough time to initialize itself in order to send the "off" parameter.
      3. If a bulb is powered off when it is in the middle of dimming enabled by the wall switch, the bulb may not have enough time to report the "off" state to the server as there is only enough power left on the bulb to send various dimming commands.

      Even though the bulb will not be able to report "off" state in the above three scenarios and the server cannot detect them being "off" right away, the server will eventually be able to determine that the bulbs are indeed not online if it failed to receive any messages from the bulbs after 20 minutes and declare they to be...

    • If I use the App to first turn off the bulb, then power off the bulb using the wall switch followed by a quick power on, why does the bulb fail to turn on sometimes?

      When you power off the bulb using the wall switch, its capacitor will actually keep the bulb powered on for a short time so it can send the "off" state to the hub and the power in the capacitor will not exhaust until after two seconds. If you power it back on within those two seconds, the bulb will be unaware of the "power off" action triggered by the wall switch and will stay powered on with the soft "off"...

    • When I set the dim from 10% to 100% from the main screen, why does the Individual bulbs screen sometime show a value different than 100% if I manually refresh the screen?

      When you manually adjust dim from 10% to 100%, it actually triggers a series of dim values updates to be sent to the server in ascending order. The server updates the current dim values as those updates come in one by one. So, if you refresh the individual bulb screen before this gradual update is completed, you may see values between 10% and 100%. If you wait a little bit before refreshing the screen, the bulbs will show and stay at...

    • Can the bulb remember the last dim level?

      Yes, the bulb remembers the last dim level.

      If the last dim level is not 0%, the bulb will remember its last dim level whether it is turned off by the App or by the wall switch. If the last dim level is 0%, the dim level will stay 0% when the bulb is turned back on via the App. But the dim level will go to 100% if it is turned back on via the wall...

    • Does wall dimmer interfere with bulb operation?

      Sengled Element bulb does not flash when being adjusted by a wall dimmer, unlike many other brands of Zigbee bulbs. However, due to the nature of electric circuit design, many of the following features related to wall switch operation will be disabled.

      1. Report "off" state to the hub when being powered off by the dimmer.
      2. Dimming capability via dimmer double click.
      3. Zigbee network rejoin via dimmer.
      4. Enter EZ-Mode via dimmer.
      5. Enable factory default reset of bulb via...

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